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Sunday, June 19, 2005
X-Rated Musings
And just like that, they're off and humping. A quick, forced, awkward read-through of dialogue and the protagonist and vixen succumb to their carnal attraction for one another.

No roses, boxes of chocolates, or prissy scented candles, in fact not a hint of courtship whatsoever. Just a four-position, mechanical routine, ten minutes in duration, with a money shot as the consummation of a brief, sweaty union.

That is sex re-imagined and deconstructed by the adult film industry.

Its vision of society's favourite pastime seems somewhat distorted wouldn't you say? Or maybe not, depending on how much time your partner has spent getting "inspiration" from porn!

Pornography is no longer the guilty pleasure of deviants, honest its not!

Today's perversions - feet, midgets, three-ways, whatever - are all fairly mainstream. And consider the near-icon status the female porn star has achieved. She is recognisable and celebrated, maybe even empowered. She is so mainstream that even good girls are imitating her various styles of undress, disappearing pubic hair and all. Porn chic? You bet!
Written & Posted By M

posted by US 8:51 am


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