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Monday, May 30, 2005
I was looking at her panties,
I was looking at her bra,
it was then i realised
my cock was really hard,
I thought when I was looking
this veiw was really fine,
it was then I realised,
they were hanging on the line.
Written & Posted By C

posted by US 4:38 am

Saturday, May 28, 2005
Now Ive heard of the saying
Zip Your Lip
but this puts a whole new meaning to the term.

posted by US 5:47 am

Thursday, May 26, 2005
Why is oral sex so good? In my opinion the practice of it is not merely foreplay or a pale imitation of sexual intercourse, it is the apotheosis of lovemaking. -Annie Blinkhorn
Posted By M

posted by US 8:13 pm


posted by US 2:37 am


When I first got laid,
it was a while befor I new.
It wasent until I hatched,
and all the other chicks did to.
Written & Posted By C

posted by US 2:09 am

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Fair enough women can be twisted at times,

but fuckin oath... this chicks' taken it a bit too far I think.

posted by US 5:18 am

Saturday, May 21, 2005
Preparing Dinner Conversation.
M: Can you go get me a hair tie please sweetie
C: Yes I can do that for you darling
( C goes to bathroom and comes back with hair tie )
C: You can have it ( All in one long breath )
If you pop my penis in your mouth and suck it till I cum whilst fiercely ramming a dildo up my ass at a great velocity of speed
M: Right now?
C: No no, later will be fine, you just finish cooking dinner honey
M: Ok ( With a very delicious smile )

posted by US 3:56 am

Friday, May 20, 2005
I cant help but wonder if this is what Meat Loaf was singing about in his hit song,
Bat Out Of Hell.

posted by US 5:38 am

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The girl was sucking his dick,
as her pussy juice started to drip,
so with great haste
he went for a taste
an got a mouthfull instead of a sip.
The guy was licking her clit,
as his precum started to drip,
so with great haste
she went for a taste
an got a mouthfull instead of a sip.
Written & Posted By C

posted by US 3:49 am

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I remember thinking it was cool when I got my ear pierced ... then in time, I thought it was cooler when I got my nose pierced ... then I thought I was being originally cool when I got my nipple pierced ... and of course, I knew I was being usefully cool when I got my tongue pierced ... so imagine how cool this guy must feel!!!

One can only wonder what the rest of his body must look like.
Posted By C

posted by US 3:40 am

Sunday, May 15, 2005

The gay man felt pretty glum,
as he stood there scratching his bum,
but boy what a grin
when his fingers sliped in
it felt so good that he cum.
The lesbian was pretty dumb,
she tried fucking herself with her tounge,
she bent hard for her crack
and broke her back
an died with her tounge in her bum.
Written & Posted By C

posted by US 6:35 pm

Thursday, May 12, 2005
Now seriously im not to sure,
Being a man and all ...
But if those rocks were significantly smaller
this would have to be a womans paradise.
wouldn't it?

posted by US 6:32 am

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The boy sat on the dock,
feircley pulling his cock,
he pulled so quick
he jared his dick
and smashed his balls on a rock.

The young girl stood on the spot,
feircley rubbing her twat,
to her bad luck
her fingers got stuck
deep inside of her slot.
Written & Posted By C.
If anyone out there thinks they could draw funny cartoon pictures for these limerics, please email us.

posted by US 6:10 am

Monday, May 09, 2005
Hears one for all thoes women out there looking for the ultimate revenge on a deserving man...

posted by US 6:20 am

Sunday, May 08, 2005

There once was a man from Ulva
who loved the feel of a vulva
his hands would progress
up any girls dress
without any thought to involve her.
There once was a woman from brack
who loved to lay on her back
she'd fuck like mad
happy or sad
as long as you filled up her crack.
Written & Posted By C

posted by US 6:35 am

Friday, May 06, 2005

I'm sure you've all heard of 'pickled people'?
(If not, check out the example below)

But I bet you've never seen a 'pickled penis'
... until now!!!


posted by US 6:22 pm

This is just a little something I wrote for all of you with a sweet tooth.
If you're like me and know your chocolates and sweets, you should have no problem understanding this.

MARSHMELLOWed on the bed while the MALTEASERS made MARS BAR up - who thought it was a TURKISH DELIGHT to see VIOLET CRUMBLE under pressure from being WHIPed by a CANDY CANE. TIM, TAM and CHIKETO showed up at the same time POLLY WAFFELed on about the PICNIC on the TOP DECK, where MILO was giving CURLY WIRLY a GOLDEN ROUGH time while STRAWBERRY CREAMed on MINT PATTIES CHERRY RIPE ass.
Soon enough the WHITE KNIGHT turned up, he had a BOUNTY on the LIQUORICE ALLSORTS CHOCOLATE COATED NUTS, but they were SMARTIES and took the TIMEOUT to blow him, give him ROSES and let him FLAKE out on the couch.
When the MnMs arrived, they hooked up with the CHICOS, who were already using BANANAS on each other and giggling at how good the FRUIT TINGLES.
Just then ROLO took a CHOMP at RASBERRY'S CHOCOLATE FRECKLE, and started groping her REDSKIN, she TWIRLed around and asked him, "TAKE 5, while I swallow this MILKY BAR, then I will tackle your TIC TAC".
Now FREDDO FROG had CARAMELLO oozing out his juices, and the ECLAIRS told kinky FANTAILS about SHERBET'S WIZZ FIZZ which sent the LIFESAVERS right over the edge.
Outside in the hot tub, TOBLERONE was asking the GUMMY BEARS how life is with no teeth.
"Great" they said, "we can't bite but we give a nasty suck, so pull on out your KILLER PYTHON, we do not want no little MUSK STICK".
While over in the garden, under the MINT LEAVES, they watched SUMMER ROLL and writhe on TWIX AERO BAR, as COLOMBINE'S JELLY BEAN was to small to satisfy her.
So in the end FERRERO ROCHER tugged so hard, he busted his nut all over the place, which brought it all to a sticky end.

Written & Posted By C

posted by US 4:03 am


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